Welcome to Our Farm

Personalises Guided Tours: Tuesday to Saturday 1.30pm 

Sunday and Monday by arrangement 0427630219 or 0437630788

Store open:1pm to 3pm 

Sunday and Monday by arrangement

Harvest Cafe: Morning tea, Lunch, afternoon tea available for groups by arrangement.

Our Farm Safari, starts at the mud house then all aboard our delightful corrugated iron clad bus, quirky and unique and ready iconic.

Catania Farm has been taking visitors around their farm for over 30 years. Catania is the oldest working farm in the district, the original mud brick farmhouse built my the pioneering Cox family over a 100 year ago.

Experience first hand the incredible and fascinating world. Who knows you may stop along the way to sample fruits in season.

Sharon and Joe will entertain you in a friendly and informative way. The award winning farm uses sustainable practices.

Catania Farm has made significant investments into solar power to become carbon neutral and stop further damage to the ecosystem.

Steeped in history, Catania Farm has always been strongly linked to its Sicilian heritage. Salvatore Maugeri arrived in Australian in 1952 bringing with him the knowledge of farming and wine making, now pasting it on to his son Giuseppe.