A very Special experience like everything at Catania fruit salad Farm the shopping is a unique experience.

Products developed from old family recipes, our range of jams and mustards all made from thr fruits grown on the farm.

The gift shop, stocks an array of hand-made souvenirs, to take home and enjoy the tastes of the farm.

Our wine is brewed using the age old traditional Sicilian way from the finest produce on our farm. It is hand made in small batches and then allowed to slowly ferment by the natural process, giving an intensity and depth of fruit flavour. Ripe aroma's of the grape, mellow earthen character and the wild yeasts gives this wine a truly unique flavour. Varieties we stock include:

  • Black Shiraz produced from our 50 year old vines, preservative free.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, preservative free.
  • Botrytis Semillon.

No preservatives, No added flavours or colours.

100% Australian owned and grown.


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