8dbf802ccbWhat are Sugar Plums?

In the last 10 years the D'Agen prunes (from france) have been given the new name, sugar plum, to ensure the fruit will be more appealing in its fresh form.


Sugar plums are sold in the months of February and March at the green grocer.

  Our own locally grown prunes.  The more popular variations include: Sugar Plums in Port, Pissed prunes in port, Prunes in port, Pissed prunes in sherry, and Prunes in Sherry.



Prunes or sugar plums are six times better at killing those free radicals that produce cancer cells than broccoli and eight times better than red grapes.


The seeds in fruit contain omega 17, which also kills free radicals. "Free radicals" go through our body destroying good cells and in turn making us age quicker.

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